When a bra becomes freedom


I no longer have the urge to take off my bra when coming home. Did I just really write that? Yes, I did. And I’ll tell you why…

Not so long ago, I was convinced full busted girls like me needed to wear a push up bra. Not only for the right support, but also to look and feel feminine. As I mentioned in my previous post, Sloggi launched a new line called ZERO feel. And I had the opportunity to try it out…

Let’s be honest, when you think of Sloggi, you don’t immediately link them to sexy lingerie. Therefore, I was a bit skeptical to see their ZERO feel collection. I love being comfortable but feeling feminine is very important to me too. Pleasantly surprised was I by seeing not only a top (which in my opinion is more for the sportive kind of girl) but also a bralette (comfy and feminine? YES PLEASE!). Both can be combined with a matchy hipster or brazil slip.

I received the top first in this funky colour called ‘Laguna’. The bra is almost completely invisible underneath clothes. En plus, it feels like a second skin. So comfort wise I would rate this bra a 10/10! And now the moment of truth…How does it look? Well, luckily for me, it looks quite nice. The cups hidden inside really do work a little bit of magic. I wouldn’t recommend this bra underneath EVERY kind of clothing, but for me it works great underneath a T-shirt. And that means a lot, coming from a round busted girl like me 😉

The collection will be available in 7 different colors from March 2018 and prices will vary between 12,99 euro and 39,99 euro. Click here for the exact prices and product information. Please do let me know if you’ll treat yourself on one of these comfy gems! You know I’d love to hear 😉

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