Ready to UNFASTEN yourself?


“We’re looking for women who don’t have anything to prove, just go through life as the wonderful human beings they are and we were thinking of you!” It’s needless to say that I felt quite honored and curious receiving this phone call from one of my favorite PR agencies.

Soon I found out they were talking about a collaboration with Sloggi. This famous bodywear brand launched an extraordinary product innovation; ZERO feel. The ZERO feel bra feels like a second skin. It’s available in 2 different models and a variety of gorgeous colors. In my next blog post I’ll tell you more about the products itself, but for now I’ll stick to the story behind it…

Anna Stark, head of marketing for Sloggi North-Europe, phrased it very well. “We developed a product by which we want women to have the power to embrace themselves. We hope it encourages them to be happy and confident. Feeling comfortable is the latest trend, driven by consumers who want to live their lives to the fullest.”

We all know how women all around the world have been forced to look a certain way from early ages. A corset to look extra skinny while some decennia later we all torture ourselves with extreme push up bras because the mindset of society changed to ‘the bigger, the better’. And who knows what the new ideal of beauty will be.

Sloggi understood that a totally different approach needed to be taken. It should no longer be women who adapt to society, but the mindset of society needs to be adjusted. No more living life only to fulfill expectations, no more squeezing ourselves in uncomfortable underwear. Ladies, it’s time to UNFASTEN ourselves!

If you’re curious about my experience with this new line, be sure to check out my next blog post as I’ll be revealing my thoughts on it! Click here if you want to check out the collection yourself.


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