My UNFASTEN yourself moment


Life can get so busy and hectic that at times we forget what really matters. We don’t have time to stand still and reflect on what we really want, need to free ourselves. To UNFASTEN ourselves. And that’s exactly what I did to start my collaboration with Sloggi. I breathed in. I breathed out. And I gave myself the opportunity to reflect on life for a while…

I’m a very sensitive person. I’m always concerned about others and I overthink everything. So finding something to free myself is not that easy. I began overthinking this thought and came to the conclusion I wouldn’t want it any other way, because I do like myself. Not in an egocentric way, and yes I’m well aware I’m not perfect, but I like me for me. And that’s when I realized I feel most free when I can be me.

So here you see the result of my ‘unfasten yourself’ moment, beautifully captured by Irmy Coeckelberghs. These pictures were part of the Sloggi unfasten yourself expo on the 7th of March in honor of international women’s day.

“Golden hour makes my heart sing. And when I sing, listen carefully. Because my music will tell you more about me than I ever will. It’s like for those few minutes a song lasts, I detach myself from stress, chaos and expectations. I get to be me. And that’s when I feel completely free.”

And here you see the 7 other content creators and me on the expo. It was so cool to see their work and read their interpretation on ‘unfasten yourself’. I’m very proud I got to be a part of this. From left to right: @tatyanabeloy, @limaswardrobe, @bibleoffashionjulie, @floackermans, @marifrancepr, @ruthvansoom, @anouklannoo, @laviedemaxime (me).

pictures during expo by Dennis Ravays.


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