Côte d'Or encore et encore et encore…

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Is there a better combination than Christmas and chocolate? I don’t think so. So when Côte d’Or invited me for an early Christmas party to discover their new limited edition ‘Encore’ chocolates, I immediately put on my Christmas sweater and started singing Christmas jingles.

Côte d’Or invited us to this wonderful B&B in Antwerp. Chocolates and Christmas vibes everywhere!

img_2697 img_2698

After catching up with my colleague bloggers it was time to discover the 3 ‘Encore’ tastes. The dark ones are nuts covered in a delicious dark ganache. Some of you might know and some of you don’t, but I actually really don’t like dark chocolate. So me saying ‘a delicious dark ganache’ means something. The milk chocolate ones are nuts covered in a milk chocolate ganache filled with little grains of salt. The sweet and salty combination is just perfect! And last but definitely not least (actually my favorite!), are the praliné ones. A nut surrounded by the most smooth praliné you’ll ever taste! img_2700

It’s delicious, typical Belgian and square shaped.  So I don’t need any other reason for picking this as a perfect Christmas present! Thanks to Anne-Catherine from the blog Clo Clo we learned how to make master pieces of our ‘Encore’ boxes. This came in quite handy as I’m terrible at gift wrapping. But not any longer! So thanks Clo Clo for your patience and tips!


If you want to try them out yourself, you’ll have to hurry to your nearest grocery store as they’re limited edition for the holidays! I sure will! I need Côte d’Or encore et encore et encore…



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