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Is Airbnb really that good?

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All my friends have always been very positive about Airbnb but seeing is believing so it was time for me to find out myself if they were right…

My BFF Jan and I suffer from a serious form of wanderlust and decided to take a look on where we could go. We had no demands except the total cost needed to be low and we didn’t want to go to the typical places. We searched high and low for some travel inspiration and all of a sudden we bumped into a blogpost about Krakow. The pictures looked amazing and according to the blogger, Krakow was THE new hipster place to be. The airplane tickets were only 30 euro each and the reviews on this city all said the same; Krakow is beautiful and affordable.
So I started scrolling through Airbnb and found this amazing apartment for only 40 euro/night. I immediately called Jan and we booked.

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